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Omg Jiro looks super good as an adult she even kept that punk
Omg, Jiro looks super good as an adult, she even kept that punk-rock/grunge style!
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Jirou Kyoka / Boku no hero académia
Dabi (@dabis.flames) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram
Entre más arrugada la pasa más dulce la fruta 😏😏😏
My Hero Academia // BNHA // Kyoka Jiro / Earphone Jack / Quirk Earphone Jack
*X-Files theme starts*
Bakugou Katsuki, Midoriya Izuku, and Todoroki Shouto
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Yu Gi Oh
SWINGIN' UTTERS, a band that's been around even longer than FAT, have long been a staple of the San Francisco Bay Area punk scene.
My Hero Academia, tokoyami
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Fat Music For Wrecked People - Punk Rock Holiday & Brakrock 2018
Head to www.PunkInDrublicFest.com for all the details!
Fat Music For Wrecked People: Punk Rock Bowling 2018
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This July, they'll tackle Europe with a bunch of dates including XTreme Fest and Punk Rock Holiday! Head here for all the dates and info.
Japan = Super freakin cool!
Walden's development as a visual artist comes later than you'd imagine and, if I'm not much mistaken, you'll be treated to actual early squiggles in a very ...
Chowder and Panini....they're so cute together!
InOut, The Copenhagen Post entertainment section - May 04 -10 by The Copenhagen Post - issuu
Hi-STANDARD The Gift on vinyl!
“A good comic looks good even when nobody is looking at it.” “Right…” “These are all things that a merely “good” comic must do…”
NOFX are up to their old hijinks in 2018! They have a smattering of tour dates, whispers of studio time being booked, and a new release slated for August ...
... Melted next month, playing U+N Fest, Prefest, and The Fest, amongst other excellent punk gigs. And holy S.H.I.T. we're playing with F.Y.P. and E.S.G.!”
OMG but Shashi is still the mega finer of the two.
Come see us early, before it sells out. If you can't make it to Brakrock, we'll be at Punk Rock Holiday the entire next week!
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On November 3, FAT will release Human Movement, a split album from Direct Hit and PEARS. This 12 track scorcher features five new songs from each band, ...
Yes, little does Bera suspect she'll turn out to be the champion the baby needed all along! Assisted by her redoubtable owl Winslowe, she'll find herself ...
“It's a redemption song. It's about coming back better and stronger than ever and finally moving past all of the stuff that was holding me down.
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... come see us at Riot Fest in Chicago! We'll be there slinging a bunch of music and merch. We're bringing our fifth annual, super limited Riot ...
... Twitter – and there's some pretty fierce competition from the likes of Gary Northfield, Neill Cameron, Warren Ellis and @LizzLizz – for his brain seems ...
There is everything from re-imagined movie posters and book covers, to visual representations of TV shows, commissioned event flier work, ...
Kaminari Denki x Jirou Kyoka
More foreshadowing with even cleverer re-deployment: at one point Amilah compliments Cortland to her boyfriend Ian's face. Specifically she says ...
... adults are organised and seated, a little bit formal and not too loose." She smiles to herself. "In a way it feels more like my old days at punk shows."
The ultimate Christmas annual for adults!
XYLØ " ...
The Modernist edited by R. Klanten and H. Hellige
First ...
Lucky for all of you, the Mad Caddies will be touring non-stop! Check the dates here. Punk Rocksteady hits the streets on June 15th.
With a dozen good men, and the right leadership and precision planning (which is where Parker comes in), then robbing the mining payroll, the two banks and ...
Monday, 26 March 2007
No, what Kabi is describing above is not her reaction to a spurned lover (because that is way out of her range right now) but the best she can do when she ...
Venice (£19-99) by Jiro Taniguchi.
It'll not surprise you to learn that incarcerated antigovernment secessionist and local white power hoodlum Jim Briggs is not best impressed with ...
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She's a pretty natty dresser, with a matching, skull-adorned neck chief and olive t-shirt.
Along with Francesca Sanna's THE JOURNEY, Sean Tan's THE ARRIVAL and Sarah Glidden's ROLLING BLACKOUTS, this is another book with which to bang on the head ...
Get out to one of their shows and witness Mean Jeans' high-powered blend of potables and punk-rock.
Desert Punk Episode 4 English Dubbed
Musings of a Blindsided Infatuated Fangirl
When the best part of the movie features a pregnant Om Prakash, you know you're in a mess.
... Sarandon chances to meet a man (the
Overall it was … okay. Better than Fangirl, in terms of plot and character. But I was still left wanting. Not for more of the story, but for something to ...
Focus Features
best of 2017. I found 2017 taxing. It was a taxing year. I think it was for most people. Of course this isn't a politics blog, so let's not even go there, ...
One of the cutest scenes in the film. They ham it up, big time.
Number one, Lauren wanders talking about Klance, she also paces herself and you can hear her getting slower and thinking of what to say next, ...
FS: Thank you for your time Joe, we look forward to having you in the stores
Did you know that decorating early for Christmas can make you happier? Yeah…we at FAT don't believe that either, and are convinced this article is blowing ...
... 2014. - 14th Joey Ramone Birthday Bash was in Joey's birthday at The Bowery Electric in New York, USA on May 19, 2014. Check out here story and photos I ...
... on paper, that I absolutely did not want to compromise on. I thought, "Well, if we can't shoot in an ...
Joey Ramone Birthday Bash was organized also this year on May 19, 2013. Venue is under the Joey Ramone Place sign, at The Bowery Electric, New York, NY, ...
Chloe ...
Also interesting is Jiro's dynamic with the adults at Kaze no Oka, particularly the fulltime caseworkers Torii-sensei (Sakai Masato) and Tomomi-sensei ...
What comes next: This starts expanding this Friday, heading to a likely wider release similar to "The Lady in the Van."
Nobody Makes Cormac McCarthy Revise
The inimitable Anthony Bourdain co-wrote with Joel Rose this highly entertaining graphic novel set in a not too distant future Los Angeles where a culinary ...
... Black Maury Leather Jacket, Black
Hilariously mocked by Seanbaby in his "Aquaman SUCKS!